Sunday Post : Sushi Day!

8:53:00 PM
Wow a Sunday post!

This time is going to be about food, food food and more foooooood! Had sushi with love today and it was a super lazy Sunday. Sleeping through the entire day makes it lazy but being together makes it worth the while :D

So I decided to go to Sunway Pyramid since the face isn't that red anymore after my laser resurfacing with Dr. Ruban  and also needed to get a protective shield on my new iPad.

I can say we are fans of potatoes and we would just try anything no matter how its cooked.

Our sushissssssss..

My temaki and I think i've tried all of their temaki's already and i find this is one of the best.

The baby ordered this salmon and it was yummeh too.

So this is how we spend our weekend and all images was taken with the iPad... amaaaaaazing isn't it. Am gonna carry this thing everywhere for the time being haa!

Happy Sunday people!
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