9:01:00 PM

Hennessy Artistry is rockin' again

Remember this? Ermmm not the girls I mean Hennessy Artistry, Its come back! And haunting you on the 18th of September 2010 at Mist Club, Ba...
8:18:00 PM

Sunday Post : the xman mobile show

Hello ladies, each and everyone of them is holding a xman mobile device. Whoaa! The cruzevents event team + one photographer running to chec...
9:24:00 PM

Angkasawan kita sendiri

So back to Johor, I met our very own Spaceman. We call him the angkasawan. He is the ambassador for the Xman Mobile phones. A warm welcome a...
10:55:00 PM

It is a beautiful day

JB is like our second home, we've been going up and down quite a lot these days. It is a good thing afterall. Wahlaa a piece of cake and...
9:14:00 PM

TGI Fridays with Sandra and Gang

A long waited event that should have happen way earlier.. A dinner gathering with the oldschool members with one additional angel, teehee! W...
11:16:00 PM

I bought a new X Series

Keychain. Well for a start it isn't half bad. A small motivation along the way for a bigger dream.. its all becoming clearer now..
9:36:00 PM

Eating with the ladies

Its lunch time and oriental cravings is calling! Place with great food, crazy amount of varieties and most importantly the bak kut teh is aw...
8:21:00 PM

Toyota Wheels of Independence

A Toyota roadshow event organised by CruzEvents. This time it was held in 4 different location and 1Utama was one of it. Pop over to take a ...
12:48:00 AM

Im going to Johor

If you are down at Johor, look for me there k.. I will be back by Sunday. See ya
9:25:00 PM

Motorsport Division, Sunway

Motorsport Division was magnificent! They gave blupblup members a chance to experience high end performance vehicle and modification. If yo...
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