2:23:00 PM

Simon says busy!

For the time being i look like this and still shying away from the blog scenario busy busy busy! work people work!
4:12:00 PM

AIPTEK - Smallest projector

was at their launch and apparently didn't manage to see the device as we had to leave early. Met Shaz and Waiseng there and he has one ...
11:17:00 PM


there is no words to describe this little fella
12:32:00 AM

Pasta Zanmai

we returned for pasta, but this time we ordered just nice for 2 person earlier this month, we ate here and boy we over ordered. It is not ...
1:36:00 AM

Icon A5

after long hours of designing, i've decided to take a break and have coffee with the princess. OMG my second time at leisure mall.. he...
9:11:00 PM

Andrew Ching's Bday

andrew invited us to his poolside party.. some how or rather the whale and andrew has something in common aha.. ahah.. anyway it was...
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