2:10:00 PM

VectorBros - V-B.my - NeWWWeb

It has been a year since we last designed our company website with the dragon logo representing the chinese zodiac of 2012. Now our logo h...
10:33:00 PM

It's dinner time!

It's either this or that, that's what I always order when I'm eating at Kim Gary's. This time it's the cheesy spaghett...
2:39:00 PM

Chor 4

It's lunch with the gf and prepare a little bit more stuff for the BBQ later.
9:55:00 PM

Mo and Tomtom

One nice evening, these two was just chilling and enjoying the serenity of a peaceful Scenary.
4:39:00 PM

Chor 3 - jalan jalan

it's eat sleep shit every year for me. Then again it's a great long break for myself doing things I never had the chance to. Today...
7:34:00 PM

Gong Xi FA Cai 2013

it's always a must for me and my sister to head back to Ipoh every year no matter how busy we are. So this year we left early in the m...
2:16:00 PM

Endurance race 2012

Went to Sepang earlier in the morning today to check out the Endurance race organised by the Japanese team. It is not a public event so not...
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