10:03:00 PM

Eat more pay less

This lunch comes with a great deal from Hahah.com.my. How great? The story begins from here... The deal is you'll have a 1. starter of...
8:00:00 PM

I'm leaving on a jet plane

I'm going away and secretly not telling you where. You you you and you who knows, shsssssssssss! I bring you presents home okay :D
7:21:00 PM

Frames, Sunway Pyramid

Just a moment ago I met up with the gangs for lunch at Frames. Yes they are not a frame shop and do serve great food.  It's actually lo...
12:14:00 PM

Happy Valentine's Day

I don't really think celebrating valentine's and loving a person on this day is "haram" lah, afterall many believes that l...
7:05:00 PM

Missy Cheerio's Farewell

Sometime this year, we had a farewell party for Ellie. Shes now way deep with those geniuses pursuing her dreams at her very best. Even thou...
1:25:00 AM

CNY at Ewins

A little celebration at Ewin's home. Thanks for inviting bro, feels really warm at your cozy home. Oh and a gong hei fatt choy to you an...
1:30:00 AM

MHD - Irrisistable Pleasure

A night for people who likes or really likes Hennessy. Moet Hennessy Diegeo(MHD) invited a few of us as a token of appreciation hence the Ap...
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