CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing at Dr Ruban's

8:56:00 PM


Was at Dr Ruban's office one fine day and he was like:
Dr : Hey man you should come try my new laser machine!
Me : Huhhh.. Ok let's do it after Chinese New year.

 So today I was at doctors' clinic at wisma UOA, bangsar (NathanSkin - laser centre and hair transplant clinic)

His beautiful staff gave me a numbing cream so it wouldn't hurt so much. Holy cow the nose area and the side of the cheeks where my sideburns are hurts like hell! Oh well like they say, you want to look good you don't have to bother about your life. (sounds way better in chinese)

I was having a mild fever today and doctor said its fine to the laser so since I was already sick and on MC, mine as well get this done and rest at home.

So looks like i'll be looking like optimus prime for 4 days until it heals. My face is red and chunky right now.
To read more you can check out doctors beautifully designed website here
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