2:41:00 PM


We watched G-Force sometime back last month and it was entertaining. They were so perfectly animated and rendered. The bulu was so thin, so ...
8:47:00 PM

Mo and his prey

He has never seen this bone since the day he was born so please excuse him... tee hee! seriously, don't laugh.. Hahahaah!
8:30:00 PM

His big bone

Ok la ok la, bone coming! He sure loves a big bone now :D But its too late to open that right now, hes gonna sleep with it first. Watch...
9:37:00 PM

Tamarind Springs

A quiet birthday dinner is all i need and its what i've got! We GPS'ed the place and found it! They had a buffet that night, an...
9:04:00 PM

The day when you get older

Its that time again, ha ha. This time it wasn't that crazy compared to last years. Probably because our PM asked to slow down on event...
8:59:00 PM

Before Screening

Met up with the guys for dinner at the curve. I never knew a dessert shop sells actual food too! Fruit Juice ok lah... but.. Chicken Cho...
10:12:00 PM

Proton Satria 1.3 (m) GLi 2002

What you get for RM18,000.00 SOLD Front Exterior - Promote Bumpers - Projector Headlamps with signal lamps - Electronic Side Mirrors & ...
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