10:00:00 PM

PUMA for all you PENANGITES!

Guess what!! PUMA is now in Penang! Located on the 3rd floor of Gurney Paragon Mall ! Its the newest PUMA store and carries the‘Retail 2.0...
3:12:00 PM

Glenmorangie Party July 2013,

The ladies - Julie and Samantha sure knows how to drop it like it's hot with Glenmorangie. Glenmorangie celebrates the Hip Hop cult...
10:28:00 PM

Powerrr Up, Pacific Rim!

Its kinda related so must talk about it wan. I think this is my first ever powerbank and since it's the first of course must get the mos...
10:03:00 PM

The GF

It's been a while... And it's back!
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