9:11:00 PM

Chill out, la bodega

Kitty came back with a surprise and basically nobody was surprised. Apparently they all knew she was back from Penang. Why? Because nobo...
3:47:00 PM

Taipan Chilly Pan Mee

A litle bit out of the topic but this girl damn look like sherleen lor! Cannot tahan so take picture... Anyway, taipan also got chilly pan...
10:33:00 PM

Grandmama's at Pavillion

Dinner dinner! It all happens right after we ordered.. I don't want nobody nobody butchuuuuuu...... Ala wasted the escargots tak ...
10:49:00 PM

The Wait

Before dinner I did this.. Come to think about it, its pretty true. Lucky dad brought me up right to be patient otherwise I would have sna...
12:40:00 AM

Dave's One Utama

When you think of pork, you think of Dave's! Pork pork pork! Babi Babi Babi! Ahaha before the goodies arrive, we camho a bit first, ...

Veronica Ho

On, 15 November 2009,Veronica Ho,a Co-founder and the Dean of Studies in The One Academy passed away. She gave me my first opportunity to ...
9:43:00 PM

BRB - Going Johor

the last when I was at Johor, I had this at Vivo, Sutra Mall Got work to do at Johor, I will be back!
10:10:00 PM

Jocelyn's Bazaar, The Cruve

One artistic weekend Designed and handmade crafts by creative geniuses like these Artistic impression by Jocelyn And we need supporte...
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