10:22:00 PM

Penang with Love

We needed a short break that can have a lot of relaxation and of course a variety of food. Penang is the best place and it fits perfectly! ...
11:54:00 PM

A beautiful Breakfast

Ever feel like having a great big breakfast with the one you love? I have, heee! Woke up early in the morning to pick the big breakfast ...
12:43:00 AM

Sunday Post : Angry baby

How was your weekend, I hope it was as great as ours because we are watching you. Or at least some of us are, the rest were just the birds.....
10:24:00 AM

My Moments, Rebecca Black

This should be pretty fresh from the oven. Rebecca Black has came back with a new song "my moments" telling you she don't care...
12:01:00 AM

Sunday Post : She's dot com!

She never knew this day could happen. She never knew this was possible until I said honey the internet is my playground so let me hold your ...
11:01:00 PM

It's her first time

I have never met one single person who has never tried.... NANDO'S......... in here entire life until now. I felt honored eating with...
9:35:00 PM

The Sick Day

Fu Chaa is good for you when you are sick according to the darling, so i've got no choice. I was sick but that's back in May, haha...
5:01:00 PM

Surf With Coway

Got invited for the grand launch and family day of Coway, the spa for water softener. What is a water softener you may ask, well read on oka...
9:46:00 AM

Sunday Post - Quit playing games

Back in high school this was one of my favourites for a reason that is.. Heard it over the radio and it brought me back to the time when i w...
11:54:00 PM

Where is Yip's Kitchen?

One afternoon where we all decided to eat together at Yip's Kitchen, Sunway Pyramid. To be exact it is located at the old wing, lion hea...
11:15:00 PM

Meet Winnie

After wedding I met a new friend, Winnie. Everybody say Hi to Winnie! Hi Winnie!
2:36:00 PM

The Wedding Video

I guess the title is a little misleading and worst of all it was hanging on my previous post for quite a while. It is actually a wedding inv...
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