Facts Behind Chrysanthemum Flowers

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Chrysanthemum is the member of Asteraceae along with Asters, Dahlia, and Dandelions flowers. According to some horticultural studies, the Asteraceae families is a flowering plant features bracts and florets or a cluster of flowers composed where the flower head is the centerpiece of the main stem. But we are not going to talk much about that area. Instead, we will explore other interesting facts such as flower meaning and symbolism of Chrysanthemums.

Chrysanthemum Cultural Significance
This flower has involved in some cultural symbols in history. In Japan, this flower used to award the honor such as The Supreme Order. In China, this flower used as a flavored tea for the relaxation of mind and soul, also symbolize the long live and good luck in a home. White Chrysanthemums also formally used to show condolence expression or the feeling of sympathy and grief in some funerals.
If we explore a bit deeper, Chrysanthemums are also used to show well-wishing and friendship for Victorians; Buddhists use this flower as offerings due to the Yang energy.
Aside from the fact above, Chrysanthemum has become one of the most popular and favorite flower among the florist to create a beautiful flower bouquet arrangement like on ThatFlowerShop.co. They are good to combine with Roses and other flowers as well. Chrysanthemums are the commonly chosen flowers for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and even baby hampers anniversaries or congratulations bouquet. You also must know if this flower is the official Mother’s Day flower and is a birth flower for November month.
Chrysanthemum Symbolism & Colors
In general, Chrysanthemum symbolizes fidelity, longevity, optimism, and joy. But the meaning of Chrysanthemum is actually based on the colors of the flowers too. Below is the list:
Chrysanthemums in red color represent love and deep passion.
Chrysanthemums in yellow color represent love, also sorrow.
Chrysanthemum in white color represents honesty and loyalty.
Chrysanthemum in Violet color represents a wish for someone to get well.
There you go, now you know more about chrysanthemum and understand when is the right occasion to send these flowers. Just go to your favorite online florist to have them arrange the flowers for you.
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