Finally a tab

9:30:00 PM
I have been contemplating to either get a new phone or, to get a new phone. Haha. Everybody has been switching to the Samsung Note 2 where screens were bigger and speedier processing chips.

But every time when I am about to purchase the phone, it is either out of stock or I just can't think of a reason why I should ditch my iPhone4.

So the last weekend when me and the gf was having some froyo, the thought of a mini iPad came to mind. Hell its 1 thousand cheapear comparing with a phone and I dont have to fork out another thousand for deposit.


Of course it was out of stock in most of the apple reseller stalls, so I decided to get it online.

Most amazing thing is the iPad came to my door step in just 4 days. Talking about speed, i am impressed.

Now I can do my "real racing 3" with a huge ass screen!

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