11:15:00 PM

The actual boxing day post

And there we were at WonderMama, Bangsar Village - gathered the cows and donkeys and anxiously waiting for our presents which we were all pr...
11:28:00 PM

Boxing Day 2012

We celebrated boxing day in a special way. With who? How? Where? That's coming up tomorrow :D
12:20:00 AM

Christmas Eve Dinner @ Sunway Hotel

Every year there's christmas eve dinner but this year it is a little different. I was invited to join the girlfie and family for dinner ...
1:44:00 AM

Merry Christmas 2012

Would love to take this beautiful moment and time to wish all a Merry Christmas and have a blessed new year. Let's hope you and I can ...
12:51:00 AM

My First AES - with errors

After all the fuss I hear online about how AES camera has been screwing around with the people, and now there is one for me. So I guess th...
9:35:00 PM

Urbanscape 2012

So here is the big big map when you first enter urbanscape. Me and smashp0p stood there for a couple of minutes to figure things out. So ...
12:05:00 AM

Urbanscapes 2012

For the first time I went to Urbanscape which was held as padang astaka, petaling jaya. I have loads of images to share but not today. I&#...
9:15:00 PM

Mercedes AMG Petronas

Who say guys don't wear matching apparels? Got me self a very sexy mercedes amg petronas puma shoe and not only it has all the logos a...
9:05:00 PM

What to eat at Paradigm Mall?

Ever had this problem when you are in a mall and never knew what to eat? Well this time if you are ever at Paradigm Mall your problem is sol...
12:45:00 AM

Its PUMA Day!

If you follow  my instagram , you'll probably see this. FYI that big PUMA shoes is real! Haha I literally had a dream about Puma and my ...
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