FLYFM's Paranoid Activities - Week 2

9:30:00 PM
Week number 2 of FLYFM's Paranoid Activity challenge is going to be fun and filled with images. You will know why as you scroll. Haa!

So for Week 2 Challenge is : Ratatuille
Participant : Iskandar who bidded for RM2,525

Within 40 seconds, he has to take out :-
5 x 10cent coins
3 hair pins
2 wall plugs from the pool of mice..

Sound pretty easy isn't it?

Not that easy when you are blind folded.. haa!

He managed to remove 8 items at that time. So he was double dare again for RM3,000 to remove the other remaining 2 items out in 15 seconds. He actually did it! Whoaaaaaaaa!

Challenge #2 - FLYFM's Torpedo Challenge
Our participant : Renuga Devi will have to eat or should I say down a Torpedo soup (ox penis soup) for RM2,410.

The starting bid was at RM5,500 so it wasn't that far away from the actual bid.

This is how the Ox penis looked like, eewwwwww!

Oh well she did it like a champion in less than 3 minutes. She had no problem eating everything from that bowl. Now the second dare was to eat the Ox's tongue for a total of RM3,500. She said I'LL DO IT!!!!!!

Here it goes...

Arghhhhhh she ate everything and even asking hey there's bone in there!

She french kissed the ox in less than 2 minutes. All done, congratulations Renuga!

Challenge #3 - Happy Mansion
Bid started at RM8,000
Bidded amount at RM1,159

Our participant for this horrific challenge is Ng Boon Teong who walked in confidently without any fear.

Or at least it was still bright outside, but when it comes to the inside. It is pitch dark! I was in there and trust me, you can't see a single thing!

So he has 10 minutes to grab 5x News Strait Times paper, did he make it?

He came out with 3 copies of News Strait Times and was challenged again to collect 2 more in 10 minutes but... but... they will deduct RM100 for each paper if he don't get it out.

Happy as he seemed, he went back in and found one copy right behind the chainsaw zombie.

He quickly grabbed it and ran as fast as he could!

Haha he only manage to get one paper out. So he lost RM100 which total up to RM1,059. Not too bad lah right?

Challenge #4 - The Reverse Bungee
Starting Bid : RM8,000
Participant : Adibah bidded for RM249

Here we gooooooooooo those were the words running across your head while walking towards the bungee jump.

That's Adibah getting ready to jump. She seemed calm at first but when she was at the edge, she so wanted to turn back.

So with 2 eggs on her hands, she jumped off and surprisingly she did not break any of the eggs!

She did the challenge and walked home with RM249 and 2 eggs. Haaaaaa.

This week's activity was fun, am looking forward for the 3rd week's challenge! Hooooo!
Also thank you Sunway Lagoon for letting us and the FLYFM crew to use the venue!
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