Makan makan at Chillis

10:35:00 PM
Note : no animals were harm in this post. 

Eh.. but we ate cow and chicken.... hmmmm 

The stitch cover has became over-rated now. Everybody has it, how boring. My drinking buddies even came out with a funny gesture about it just because me and the gf used it together. But hey the more they want to see it, the more we won't use it. Haaaaaa.. limited edition.

bought a new phone charger from Jacklyn. Looks cute, goes pretty well with a pretty girl. Aha its like pretty things goes well with pretty people. Somewhat true..

Ahhhh this time our fajitas came as expected, a bukit of mushrooms! It is sooo mushroomy! 3 more tortillas please!

What's dinner without a little bit of greeny yeah? Ordered the plain one as we couldn't finish everything the last we ordered. Hey i wanna eat my lamb lah! No more fajitas please!

Ahh the brand speaks by itself... haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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