#popday 2012

9:18:00 PM
Everybody is really really busy updating their facebook, twitter, foursquare wishing and telling their whereabouts of this very important day.

Like smashp0p says when he proposed a location and i said you sure everybody can make it? It is so far... he replied.. "THEY DARE DONT COME!!!?"

Haaaaa. Anyway we celebrated his birthday at Frontera Jaya One. So while everybody was chatting away. Leonard suggested to have the habanero wings. It as spicy as chilly padi and wasabi together or maybe worst. So Azrin challenged p0p with one.

He was sweating like a pig right after this first one. Crazy enough, Leonard ordered 10 more last pieces of habanero chicken wings and made everybody eat it and not drink water for a minute.

Watch this..

Crazy isn't it?

Me and the baby had bbq chicken. We were both looking at the menu and asking each other what you want to eat. I said that one and she said why you follow me!... hahhhhhhhhhh????!!!?!?!?!

And of course after eating our dinner we had a tasty mango cheesy cake made by xiang himself. Talented little bugga!

We all wanted to go ShareTea after that, too bad they close already. Oh well, i think pop owes us all one round!
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