What happened at Hong Kong Disneyland?

9:10:00 PM
I am back from the fantasy island of Disneyland Hong Kong, and boy it was my first and greatest experience with Disneyland. Everything in there is so magical and it's so worth experiencing whenever you are in Hong Kong.
Just a little recap of what happened and I shall go through it one by one and that should last me for the entire March's posting. Haha.
Firstly I am going to share on "How to get to HK Disneyland". This is important :D and rather easy, no worries.
Then it's a lot of food at Disneyland and also at Mongkok
A cute rear view of youknowwho.
Also the cute and pretty people in Hong Kong, not forgetting a trendy fashion style...
Experienced my best time with the best friends in Hong Kong.

Of course last but not least, there will be a lot of our camho pictures. Haha.

Stay tuned.

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