MHD - Irrisistable Pleasure

1:30:00 AM
A night for people who likes or really likes Hennessy. Moet Hennessy Diegeo(MHD) invited a few of us as a token of appreciation hence the Appreciation Night.
Met the handsomes mynjayz, tianchad and feeq.
Meet the beautiful bell & daphne.. helen is in here somewhere.

Mynjayz : Let's go Casino!
Feeq : you sure or not
Tianchad : On la on la! (this sounds so me)

Gambling halfway makan with AhBok, feeq and daphne. The shrimps was.. a lot. Haha.

Not a bad doorgift afterall. Tried the Johnnie Walker and it was really really smooth. Nice!

Once again thanks MHD and Heleness for inviting. It's been a great pleasure.

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