Wedding at Mat's

3:35:00 PM
A week after wedding at Rinee's, its now at Mat's..

One thing i love about the muslim culture is that sharing of homes for the special day is allowed. The groom dressed up at the neighbors place and walked over.

As we watched the groom walked pass us, Sherleen slurps her cendul under the hot marquee.

With no time to lose, we all started taking pictures with each other. Met quite a few of our high school buddies - nice!

The queens during high school. When either one of them passes by any classroom, the heads automatically turns left and stare... and stare...

A couple minutes has gone by, the groom and bride is free and easy

So Andrea also mengambil kesempatan.

The group from Subang Utama! and of course there were more but don't know where they are.

Rinee damn chun! Not only that day lar, every other day as well

We took photos here, i terknock the pasu bunga and thank god i managed to grab the vase. So paiseh..

one more smiley smiley picture before we left!

Congrats guys!
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