Wedding at Rinee's

10:12:00 PM
A happy moment where I should remember, my best bud's wedding.

He got keris also, don't play play ah! This day was on the bride side so not many of our friends we here. Only close close friend of the groom is invited. Hee hee!

Eiran, A buddy whom i know for 20 years, Whoaa OMG! I also terkejut suddenly!

All the 20 years of friendship together and now is the time where everyone gets married. Pheww, don't ask me when is my turn. Thank you.

Jon went Ahhhh! Coolen pulak couldn't say much, he had an egg on his hand.

Me me!

We went over where the groom and bride is seated, and had a very short conversation with coolen.

Cool : you think the chocolate cake can eat ah?
Me : i don't know, if you are getting some get one for me. Thank you.

Ha ha!
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