Little Penang Kafe @ Mid Valley

Had lunch at little penang kafe, mid valley. Its located right at the exit from the Gardens bridge.

Since there wasn't many people, we decided to try it out. Oh yah, me a bit fussy - don't like to eat at places where it is too cramp up. Not comfy, don't like!

What to eat neh?

Aha she had the prawn mee, i slurp slurp the soup and HEY! its good!

What I want to eat leh?

Uwhh the curry mee is fantastic! Very rare to find curry mee that taste like this anymore.

Siders as usual, can't live without a side dish! heeee!

Overall the food at little penang is eatable! The teh tarik is damn good as well, both thumbs up from me!..

Ah crap, im hungry now. And if you are too, i'm sorry.. ha ha!
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