Powerrr Up, Pacific Rim!

10:28:00 PM
Its kinda related so must talk about it wan. I think this is my first ever powerbank and since it's the first of course must get the most chun one. Yoobao YB-665! It has 15600 mAH and that should last me for a bit. Getting ready for my year end holiday :D

Got this from lelong at RM118 which is rather expensive as my friend said if you buy it from Yoobao directly it is only RM35. WHAT! Yes RM35, only thing you have to buy in bulk.. like.. 50 pcs? No wonder everybody is selling powerbanks online lahhhhhhhhhhh!

Anyway I just came back from watching Pacific Rim! Wow its a damn gan cheong movie! You definately must go!

There is this fighting scene in Hong Kong. I said to the gf, wow HK is destroyed -- no need go holiday lor like that?

Anyway some of the kaiju looks rather familiar.. hmmmmmmmmmm!

Haha anyway I really enjoyed watching it! Watch watch watch ya~!
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