Glenmorangie Party July 2013,

3:12:00 PM
The ladies - Julie and Samantha sure knows how to drop it like it's hot with Glenmorangie.

Glenmorangie celebrates the Hip Hop culture with “Drop It Like It’s Hot with Glenmorangie” at Neverland last night. Event filled with crunking hip-hop beats, R&B grooves and of course the legendary Glenmorangie single malt whisky.

Not forgetting the beautiful ladies covering the set and I have the privilege to be a part of this amazing event.

Samantha, Jessy and myself.

Drinks were on the house while stock lasts and what I do like about Glenmorangie's event is that everybody has class. They don't drink like there is no tomorrow.

Performance by the international dancers and singers all the way from Thailand ;D

Thanks Jaz for the lovely photos, appreciate it heaps. You may check out some of his cool stuff here

It was an early night for me as I was really exhausted from the days work and meetings, not forgetting stuck in terrible traffic. Then again it was all good :D

If you haven't already test out this pretty smooth whisky, try it some day. It's different then the normal ones. Check them out at and a thousand thank you to Manoah Consulting for this prestigious invite.

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