Piecha Design

4:57:00 PM
A couple of years back I've made up my mind with some goals of my own. Owning a BMW was one of my biggest achievement (referring to owning something without help) and when that was done I knew what was next.

However from time to time I realise I had to bend the rules a little bit. I thought it would be great to own a luxurious sports car (while I still can, don't wanna look like those old botak uncles and riding it).

Hard work does pay off so in order to move on, I needed a bigger dream... owning a sports car.

Now that is done, its time to pimp my ride all over again. Haaha.

Life is about satisfaction and this is one of it. I'm proud and I'm going to move on with my next dream while riding on my very own dream now.
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