Panasonic Beauty : Beauty of Empowerment

12:16:00 AM
Tonight Panasonic launched its beauty line with more great products for the ladies. Well I was honoured to be in the invite list even though most of the product isn't for me, but I kinda like the face-hair ionizer *hint*.. hahaha.

So the night begins with us registering ourselves and then trying on all of their products such as the hair care, face care, body care and oral care which i own one of the Doltz Sonic toothbrush.

After experiencing with the real life product we had a very well served dinner and witness the managing director Mr. Jeff Lee launching the event together with Hiro Suga, Jonathan Ang, and Chris Tomachi.

The models then walks down the runway one by one with all their latest beauty products.

A group shot of us blogger

Bell and I was to amazed by the nano hair dryer (EH-NA30/p) so we decided to take a photo together. Haha.

The panasonic face-hair ionizer (EH-SA42p) the round ball thing which I mentioned earlier.. its so darn adorable and would be cool to have it right in front of my face while writing this post. haha.

Nonetheless this was a great event witness and celebrated with some of my closest friends.

The girls should have more details about the products (they know better mahhh) so watch out for their posts.

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