Urbanscape 2012

9:35:00 PM
So here is the big big map when you first enter urbanscape. Me and smashp0p stood there for a couple of minutes to figure things out.

So we walked and walked and saw the bat mobile! Haha the PUMA bus.

In order to gain access into this bus, they have to do a position instructed to and only be given a bus ticket :D

That's the 3 of us, smashp0p one of the foodsnapper candidate got lost in the field.

With great shows not only on stage, on top of the Puma bus we have elecoldxhot doing their superb moves. It got everyone's attention. Cool!

This is pretty awesome, can't wait for 2013 and of course somewhere less muddier perhaps? How to wear my chunnn Puma shoes like that.
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