A very chinese dinner

11:18:00 PM
Never really tasted the food from Ying Ker Lou before and finally I did it at Gardens, Midvalley. A very authentic chinese cuisine restaurant i must say.

The food is tasty, not too sourish not too sweet, just perfect.

I kinda admire the materials used for the exterior. Even the roof tiles are real.

 A little vegetables for good digestion maybe?

 This is the main dish of this evening, pork's tail. Its really yummy but if it could be a mixture of pork would be better. Just by eating the tail feels a little yucky. Anyway the sauce is great!

 Of course if you know the chinese culture, everybody drinks soup. So this peanut lotus soup is yummy, got fight with Yip's Kitchen i suppose.

 So wanted to try this, but i think the pasar malam one tasted better. Haha.

 Of course when it comes to chinese dishes there must be a chinese person behind it.


Then we had Gong Cha since it was just opposite, boy the tea was pretty good!!! Or was it her that i was referring too.. hummm..

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