Where is Yip's Kitchen?

11:54:00 PM
One afternoon where we all decided to eat together at Yip's Kitchen, Sunway Pyramid. To be exact it is located at the old wing, lion head entrance and go to the lowest floor where you should be able to find Yip's Kitchen right opposite of Memory Lane.

Who was the master mind behind this little adventure?

No other than Daphkisses! She said students here get 10% discount if you would flash your student ID. Since I no longer have one, she can use hers and flash all she wants.

If you love pork as much as EricYong, then this is the place for you. As soon as i flipped open the menu, my tummy started growling already. Yes its that good.

Couldn't decide whether what i wanted to eat, I thought of trying the dry curry noodle first. Pretty tasty, no complaints there.

Jaclyn had the duck, from the way she ate I think it must be tasty too. Oh if you wonder how she ate, you'll never find out coz its a secret. Haha

I ordered a bowl of soup too, if you don't get home cook food frequently, i think this is the closest place you can find good soups. Furthermore they are not expensive, anything less than 10ringgit I think its pretty good.

The wooden like ambiance brings a nice cozy feeling but of course if the food isn't good, no matter what you do it wouldn't work right?

Well overall i think its worth coming here if you feel like eating chinese food. This is us and it feels like as though we were in Daphne's kitchen isn't it?

Or perhaps if you come here, you might just bump into Daphne because she loves everything here so much that she tried everything single thing from the menu.

I was also told to try out the Ice Chocolate, haven't got the chance but if you did do tell me if its really that good.

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