Surf With Coway

5:01:00 PM
Got invited for the grand launch and family day of Coway, the spa for water softener. What is a water softener you may ask, well read on okay.

The event was held at the Surf Pool, Sunway Lagoon where 48 units of Coway’s Spa Water Softener is installed for us to experience the wonders of soft water.
What’s a soft water?

Simple, you see our face smooth smooth and that’s what Coway Spa Water Softener does. It makes your skin softer and healthier. It also improves your skin moisture level within 2 weeks.

I love how the spa water softener was introduced. A girl came out with a towel on (hoping that it would slipped off) and sliding the shower curtain up. Classic!

Not only that, we were given first class relaxing treatment like foot reflexology. Bok’s loving it!

An event filled with relaxation experience, there is also manicure for everybody.

While everybody was busy with relaxing treatments, I took a few photo with super star bloggers and tcmaine was one of them. Wahh feel so proud.

Let’s not get off track with pictures of us, here is one of the coolest high tech gadget which I would definitely want one. This toilet seat has a blower and a heater just incase when you get up in the morning and it’s so cold that you’ll go “youchhhh” over it.

Also not forgetting the actual demo, it’s so soft as though you were touched by air.

Like how their friendly staffs member greeted us, we tried it and we loved it! As much as she had fun in Coway’s event you should learn more about Coway at or
and experience the fun yourself, virtually that is.

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