Grand Imperial Kitchen, Empire Shopping Gallery

8:53:00 PM
Its dinner time and this time was at Grand Imperial. Not as fancy as the one in Hartamas but I like it simple. From what you can see, the food is pretty delicious actually.

I'm sorry this post contains a little bit of pork but its yummmmmmeehhh!

Siew yoke goes really really well with beer! Reminds me when we go happyhour and this uncle will go Sieeeeeewww Yokkkeeeeeeeee????? Yes yes yes!

A little bit of green to digest

She had some spicy shanghai noodle, which is pretty good according to her but yucky to me.. :P

I had the dry curry chicken noodle, damn nice! Can't comment further, please try it yourself.

If you wonder why Jessy covers her forehead, you can find the answer on this video here

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