Things we did at night

11:04:00 PM
DINNER! That's what you do when the sun goes down. It was our very first night and we decided to eat Chinese for a change. Rizal ordered soo sooo many dishes with Jessy while me and sis went back up to get the red wine.

The restaurant that makes you feel like you are in China.

This is us posing posing while waiting for our food to come. We were hungry but picture taking took us away for a bit. That's Rizal and Sis

And that's us and I guess we are never serious with photos. I like them all!

After dinner we all decided to take a walk and probably look for some nice by-the-beach kind of bar. Too bad there isn't one. So Jessy decided to model model.. Prettyyy pretty eh?

I love this picture, and it says it all.

It was good night after that and Helloooooooooooo again the next day!

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