Lunch with the lovelies at Damai Laut

1:38:00 AM
Finally its time I rant about my awesome holiday with 3 great people i love and so happen that i fell in love with one of them. It was Rizal's birthday and sis planned for a holiday trip without telling Rizal. All he knew was to bring his swimming trunks!

It took about 3 1/2 hours drive from KL to Damai Laut, Pangkor. The small roads were a little scary but hey it was just pure fun.

Quickly checked in and lunchhhhhhhhh! We were so hungry, as we only ate 1901 hotdogs while driving there.

The other one that I loved had this, she finished it within a minute. That's how hungry she is.

The sister had this, mata surely bengkak after this.

We ordered two bowl of Oxtail Soup. It was delicious!

Didn't try this but it should taste as good as the others.

The birthday boy and sister.

Me and that fella i'm talking about, tee hee! More more moreeeeeee!

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