Temple Street, Mongkok

8:48:00 PM
Finally the buddies got to us and first thing we did before dinner was to check out temple street. It's more like our Petaling Street, but Miss Daphne insist on going as she wants to get some stuff.

According to Daphne, this scene look very much like a drama.. with the little mini van.

While walking, we stumble  upon a little shop by the streets that sells cute little handset covers. Didn't buy any though..

And of course those famous curry meat balls that everybody should try. There's smelly tofu too! Also didn't have any, else the girls is gonna kick me out of the room.

A cute combination with those little hello kitty packet drinks and a few sausages. Yummy.

We took a cab after that to temple street. It is really near but one thing I learned about the hong kong people is... if possible don't walk. Haha.. Or maybe my buddies were just too nice and didn't want us to walk.

This is where women go crazy. There were so many until Daphne said "Simon please choose for me, you know my style" .. Wowww for a moment there I felt like a fashion stylist. We managed to get just one pair though, others look too .. ermm... not Daphne. Haha.

Guess what we had for dinner? Tomorrow will tell :D
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