Dinner at Temple Street, Mongkok

7:59:00 PM
Finally it is dinner in Mongkok. I really like the feel of crampy restaurant and all of us had to sit closely to one and another. If you don't do that in Hong Kong, then you are not in Hong Kong.

So here we go, "Yum Char Lahhhhh"

This is how the restaurant looks like. It looks big but in actual fact that is a mirror reflection at the end and we are already seated at the corner of the wall. Hey welcome to Hong Kong :D

Of course we didn't know what to order so the girls did. Me and Daphne just nom nom nom as we were hungry. I blame Daphne as she wants to see this and that. Pfft! Anyhow the food was good, delicious and I actually forgotten to take the fried rice which taste pretty good actually. Too hungry, sorry lah!

This is Ponny and Agnes. I've known them for 7 years and they still look the same since the last I saw them back in 2005. You guys are always the best tour guide ever.

This is Daphne... "Woi Malaysia don't have seafood mehhh?"

Coming up next, meeting with a few more friends before we head home and of couse Tong Suiiiii!
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