It's a small small world

9:40:00 PM
Do you remember the song " it's a small world afterall..."? This is it, everything is small and cute.

It was fun but I was told that its suppose to move a little faster, our little boat was calm but good or else my photos would have been blur. Everything in there is so colourful filled with joy not forgetting the looping of the "it's a small world after all" music.. o.O could just drive u weee weee..

We came out right under the famous Disney castle and snap snap! Thanks Vince for taking this one for us. Ohh we couldn't get a chance to take a clean picture without people passing around us because there's peopleeeeee everywhereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

It's dinner time at Plaza Inn. Pheww come to think about it i've been posting soo so much and there wasn't anyhting about food. The last was the cute cute lunch that you saw here.

Ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served.

Sharkfin's soup
Fried Rice

There were more pictures of other food but I was too hungry and I totally forgotten to take pictures of it. My bad. Afterall the food here is not that bad either. Feel free to try it on your own. Its around Disneyland, go find!
After dinner we quickly got out and found ourselves a nice place to sit and watch the firework show. Its a musical firework show that sync together with the music. The lights syncs together as well. Very nice actually and I can surely guarantee you that its better than any of our new years eve countdown fireworks.
Kabooooooom! That's it and coming up next : What me, jaclyn and daphne did in our room together :D

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