Its the beginning of Hong Kong

9:19:00 PM
The night before we depart was one hell of a day. Was working late and a very early flight to hong kong. Not to mention Daphkisses said to arrive at my place at 3AM, hence I think i did not really slept. Or was I looking at "her" sleep? Aha anyway she came at 4am. Ish! Being me I was worried if there was nobody to open the doors for Daphne.

Arrived at Hong Kong International Airport at 10.15am and quickly do what we had to do and we met Jaclyn up at Sunny Bay station coincidentally. So cooool! We were like Weiiiii gum ngam gehhhhh! (feeling so hong kong'ish already)

So as we arrived to Disneyland Hotel, our room wasn't ready so we chilled at the coffee house. Jaclyn started working and Daphne started to .. er.. do what ever shes doing.
Shes just playing around with her FB and stuff.

Oh then it was lunch, so we makan-makaned. Let's see what we had...

Now that is done, its time to walk around Disneyland and experience a whole new world with our magic carpet ride.
That's the shuttle bus where it takes you from Disneyland and back to the hotel.

This is where our journey begins and a whole new world of experience to share... everything starts from here.
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