I found something cool!

12:01:00 AM
I was browsing through the net and as curious as I always is, I found something interesting.


I found a site that offer great deals and something that is worth more than what you can bargain for.

Currently there is this 2 on going deals which one of it is Ah Tuan ee’s Place. All I know is if you buy this from them, you’ll save 51% from the total price.

The second one is CUBES. Very awesome name for a Chinese restaurant. I’m yet to test this out but Jaclyn did and she said its not too bad. I trust her taste, I shall hit BUY! And BUY! And BUY!

Now besides the deal, Check this out!

This is the The RM203,000 WeBUY Community Giveaway Project
There’s RM203,000 to be given away to all participating WeBUYers within 120 hours! Truly living up to Every Second Matters.

To win this, simply click BUY (doesn't cost you a thing) and once the deal reaches 500 BUYs, the deal will be activated and everyone gets RM3. and if the deal hits the next tier of 1500 BUYers, the prize will be upgraded to RM5 for everyone. The more the BUYers the higher the prize money. Collectively, everyone plays a part and everyone is rewarded for their effort. The collective buying concept.

Now they have hit the first tier of 500 buyers, so those who are keen to automatically earn RM 3 from WeBUY, faster click on the BUY button and benefit from this deal.

Anyway find out how Webuy work on the youtube video below:

As true as it may seem, “like” their FB and find out more about them.
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