Best time of my life *wink*

12:01:00 AM
I was at the JW Black Circuit Lounge over the weekend and boy it was fun. Parking was a small downside of it but generally the party rocked as how it should be. Nice.
Picked up the princess and got there around 1030pm. Greeted like a superstar at the main entrance with camera flash flashing everywhere and took a photo.

Met many great friends and made many new ones too. I believe you know who you are. Too bad Lewis Hamilton couldn't make it like he mentioned "I was invited, but had to prepare for the race tomorrow".

I had fun with JessyLongPY, Shiiteck, Tony, Isaac, JFook, TianChad, Joshua, SimonSeow, Suresh and I enjoyed looking at people dancing, screaming, snapping photos, gone tipsy and most importantly everybody was so happy. Looking forward for the next one :P
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