Experience with DETV

Its been a while since I the last I talked about DETV. This little entertainment in a white box is still giving me the fun I need when I get home from work on my little comfy sofa.

I currently love the new layout of its main navigation page compared to the first one and best of all, I don’t have to change my whole online DVD player just to get a new fresh look like some other.. 

You may find the other layout here

One channel under “Window of the World” What I find fascinating is the China Expo – Italy. With just RM0.50, you get to tour around without being there. I do understand that expo is huge and it could possibly take days just to get from one expo to another.

Under the title Beautiful Life, there is this program called Date on Saturday. Gathering around 3,000 participants and hundred pairs of couple been married together. Its some what funny when you put married couple on stage.

A famous variety talk show about famous stars and their family. Its great form of viewing pleasure. Haha.

I guess there is too many channels for me to write them all but one last one is Touring KeZhuang. I love watching movies that brings you to places.
So to find out more, go get your own DETV at www.detv.my or call them at 11800 87 9993 (Toll free)
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