DETV - Alternative to our dominant satellite tv

Are you those TV addicts where entertainment is important to you all the time?

I am until our beloved dominant satellite tv provider decided to "upgrade" to a better decoder where no multiple television could be linked unless you have a super duper long HDMI cable and of course a HDMI enable TV.

No fret because we've got a replacement and a simpler solution with more personalization.
DETV will answer to your problems.

Before i get into details, lets unbox my very own entertainment, DETV.
It comes with a neatly pack box where the decoder is white! Cool to have a white decoder isn't it? I've never seen a white decoder since MEGATV (which was also black)! Omg, thats old school.

Let's see what's in the box:-
1. Main decoder
2. S-Video Cable, LAN Cable
3. Wireless Antenna
4. Remote Battery
5. Remote Control

Plug the wires into your router and tv, WAHLA! You have an online TV right smack in front of your face. This baby runs from your internet or we call our very own Malaysian IPTV service. It has great entertainment facilities. Thumbs up!

If you are one drama fan, the DVD buffet can do you wonders. This is the main menu which I will go in detail later. Let me go through the entire system first and share further with you.

So far I am loving what I see because this little device is making my night without entertainment possible.

Do you have the same problem as well? Say yes and DETV will answer.
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