Sunday Post - Skewers at Subang Avenue

8:22:00 PM
Thanks to Thong Kai I got to witness some great food in Subang. I shall return for a private session another day. The place is called Skewers @ Subang Avenue and it is located right next to Carrefour Subang Jaya.

I arrived just in time to try out the BBQ chicken wings.

Food is simply presentable yet tasty.

I am a potato person, so I really really like the fries.

Meet Mun Shan, She is the only neighbour I got together ever since i moved out from SS19. Last I could recall, she was about 3ft tall? Haha.

I don't know bout you guys but i SERIOUSLY love this picture! Psst, sorry Renee the ending wasn't all pleasant after taking this shot. Then again I still love this picture nonetheless.

Famous chick in town tcmaine

Skewers, great place for food to find the place just find Subang Parade then Carrefour and Subang Avenue is just right next to it. Cheers!

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