Lunch with the family at EspresSOUP

11:31:00 PM
The buzz is all over this weird hybrid called the world wide web. EspresSOUP does not need much introduction anymore for now. Don't believe me? Try googling espressoup, that's how powerful blupblupMY and its family is.

Technically this small little kiosk can fit 50 people. Don't believe me visit the outlet at Lowyat yourself.

By now, the world knows how we drink our soup. If we don't .....scroll down and our teacher will show us how.

I'm not going into details but all I can say is deli-cious! I never got the chance to try the other soups but according to our fellow bloggers, its thick, its phat, and its full of ingredients! Not to mention!

Even the *spaghetti is marvelous. I can hear smashp0p sipping away from across the table.

Let me introduce our family to you, and if you want more visit the Bloggers List

These are our late babies but they came nonetheless.

Great support from botakai too!

This is mark, the genius behind espresSOUP. A boss who is down to earth and know what quality business means.

Tiffany was about to fork karyan until I came to take a picture of them.

Without mia, we wouldn't know how to drink and eat the soup. I thank you :D

Tiffany and I -- sounds cheesy.

A group shot.

And of course without the angels, there wouldn't be light across a great soup :D

Thanks espresSOUP @ Mark for inviting and giving us an unforgettable memory to remember. Trust me I will be back and hungry for more!

Visit for details

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