Medan - Day 4

10:23:00 PM
As we got off the boat there was a local talent contest going on opposite the bus, being a typical tourist we all went to sibuk

And the bus driver go- Hoi, bus dekat sini!

So we drove back to town for lunch! Same old Malay Indonesian Food, so me and Kulen ordered the must try Indo Mee Goreng!

And not only that, we haven't had real food for the past four days... so Robin the tour guide got us a private seating table for our private meal..

Yes we had babi panggang karuh, its like the siew yoke in KL

It was a relief i tell you

Then our 5 hour journey ride put to a stop at a local restaurant at Medan. Assuming it must be a very expensive restaurant because of its architecture and finishing.

The food was just ok, Had a lot of these since day one

Thanks to Anitha who added additional seafood to our meal.

Ok, coming back home tomorrow!
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