Medan - Coming Home to KL

11:05:00 PM
It's time to pamper ourselves with some spa that makes you go "Ohhh, Ahhh, Ouchh!"

Went to the bathroom and sneaked around.. i believe this is the smaller room.

They have at least 75 masseuse and this is the number one spa in Medan worr..

Finally a different cuisine!

And apparently this restaurant don't open until dinner time, but for us special lah!

This is one bowl of rice for one person each, damn a lot can!

Love the naan! Very sedap!

And so after dinner we head down to the mall for some last minute shopping. Nothing much to shop as the things in there are the things you'll find in Pavillion.

So since we are back to civilization, I NEED MY STARBUCKS!

That's it for Indonesia! Overall it was a tiring experience but hey its 1021 image worth it
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