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While we were on the hunt for my cousin's birthday present, we were lucky enough to find a shop that was a hidden treasure. A Better Florist seemed like a flower shop only, but when you step inside it’s a whole other world with gifts, balloons, hampers and all kinds of beautiful goodies.

You can get everything at this place. From fruit baskets to wine hampers, and chocolate hampers, fruit bouquets and hand bouquets, it’s a legit gift shop. We stopped our search, because we really fell in love with everything that was on display. They also seemed like the team that really works hard to please their customers.

We were first considering a fruit basket, because my cousin loves fruits, but we wanted something more special and personal. We strolled through the flower stands, flower arrangements, funeral flowers and found a gorgeous hamper that we wanted to customise for my cousin. It was all about chocolate, and my cousin is a chocolate enthusiast to say the least. We added our own little card on there, and picked up a gorgeous flower bunch to go with.

They offered to deliver it for us, so we don’t have to carry it around, and they don’t charge anything extra for same-day delivery! We had some errands to do, so we were happy that they would do it all for us and deliver on the same day. We could have asked for an express delivery, which delivers your order within just 90 minutes, but we weren’t really in a hurry. They are undeniably the best flower delivery in Singapore.

Once we got into the bus, I jumped onto their website, and I really loved how the website was simple and easy to use. We could have ordered online as well, and the delivery is equally fast. It’s really the best florist in Singapore if you need a swift, same day delivery, without them charging you extra for it.

Everything from a baby shower gift to a get well soon hamper is on their website. They are truly a sight for sore eyes, and I can’t believe we haven’t heard about their fantastic flower delivery Singapore has known for a while. Not only do you save time, which I love, you also save money, because you don’t pay extra for this amazing delivery and their amazing designs. When you calculate it, and put it all together, it’s the best florist in Singapore if you’re on a tight budget.

There’s plenty of versatility, and they’re so open to your suggestions. I love this! It’s hard to find a personalised service or a flower delivery Singapore has that really cares about what you need.

Everything they offer is trendy, beautifully presented, and the flowers are unbelievably fresh. We’ve really had such a fantastic experience with this florist we wanted to recommend to all, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle, and you just don’t have time to be running around Singapore every week in search for a gift or flowers. There’s always a birthday, a holiday, a special occasion, and this all requires time and effort, which you don’t have to invest, because A Better Florist basically does it for you.

If you’re not in Singapore, they also have a Dubai flower delivery as well as a very successful Hong Kong flower delivery. They have respective websites that cater to these different audience, but we have done a bit of reading and found out that they are known as the best florist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the best florist in Hong Kong, which doesn’t really surprise us much. Whether you are in Singapore or want to send someone a gift in Hong Kong, A Better Florist has the best flower delivery in Hong Kong.

We truly enjoy ordering from A Better Florist, because we don’t have to even leave the house. Check them out, you won’t regret it.

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