Day 2 in Taiwan - Food, Raohe Market

1:58:00 PM
This is the only hotel i've ever stayed in that serves McDonald's breakfast and served right at your door step. How cool is that?

So we all gathered at the lobby to hunt for more food outside, the Taiwanese roti canai for breakfast is a must. Mine is with bacon, egg and onions.

So after a quick light meal, we took a stroll around and realized Sogo Zhongxiao Fuxing is just around the corner. We had plans for an early "night" market shopping so we head down to Raohe next.

Since we were a little too early, we stopped by at a random beef noodle shop. Hey that's what they say if you are in Taiwan, you gotta eat beef noodle no matter what. So beef noodles it is.. to kill some time.

and the leg cramping, heel pain and heavy plastic bags begins. haa.

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