Robocop Head Shot me in LKF

3:20:00 PM
After jalan-jalan (walking around), we finally reached Lan Kwai Fong. The groupies was kind enough to help us with photographs where ever we are. Snap snap!

And of course how can we take a picture without the groupies. See the kwai lou ka-ka cau cau.

Mother I got a head shot from Robocop. Funny part is we didn't know he was Robocop and the latest one. haha!

As we weren't all dressed up for the full clubbing experience, we decided to go to a medium sized one. First stop Pickled Pelican.

Snap snap, had a few tequila shots and a few bottle of Stella we then move to China Bar.

Thank you very much guys for buying us drinks. We shall repay you one day when you guys come over hehe.

huat ahhhhh!
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