That night in Mongkok

12:10:00 AM
After throwing all of our heavy luggage bag in the apartment we moved on. Oh ya! When we arrived on Christmas day, Cathay Pacific actually tied a jelly bean candy on all of our luggages. So sweet of them.
 That's me and the baby behind the MTR station sign. Its like a must take picture. One thing I love about the MTR is it goes everywhere and its super convenient to get around Hong Kong.
Next stop to a Wonton noodle shop. Don't remember where this was because the noodle was a bitter and not that good. Anyway the owner is pretty funny as he kept on teasing the gf. She didn't pronounce 2 in cantonese properly. "Leeeeeong goooo"
 It was our first meal so it was alright, we didn't put much expectation as we were excited to explore Hong Kong. The weather was superb! Loving the 16 degrees temperature. We can walk during the day under the sun.
I believe Hong Kong is about cosmetics and they are pretty cheap. The gf and her best friend Winnie enters a shop and never comes back out.
That's about it for the night, we ended the night with a beautiful view at the harbour of tsim sha tsui. The symphony of sound (sound and light show of buildings) is pretty impressive but the choice of music sucks. Haha.
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