Kai Kee 163 Portland Street

10:53:00 PM
Woke up in the morning and decided to go out on our own today and meet the HK Superstars later in the afternoon. So the three of us got up a little later and waited for Winnie's friend to come over. 
 Walked around Mongkok and came across Kai Kee and it's as close as you can get to our Kim Gary. Teehee!
 Ying Yonggggggg yoooo! This is a must and every char chan teng you go to also is a must!
 Meet Shirley, she's on a holiday and coincidentally in Hong Kong too!
Hehe the usual cheesy baked rice. It's a must try. Tasted good, delicious and maybe a little better then ours.
 The yeojachingu had friend spaghetti. Itchy backside!
thanks to google maps I get to find these shots.
Ok so it was massive shopping before meeting up with Agnes and gang. A few doors away we say a little phone shop and decided to get a One2Free Data card for HKD75.

Headed back to Langham Place and the girls continued to shop at H&M, Gap and took a quick stroll into Langham place.

Next Sai Kung here we come!
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