DEFINE @ Zebra Square, KL

12:44:00 AM
I think the last time I had a great time with great friends was at H Artistry, this time DEFINE took over. It doesn't matter where the party is held or how great the set up is, it is the friends that makes an event successful.
Joanna, GT Queen & the Princess
Of course with beautiful ladies around you, sure la fun :D

Met my schoolmate Karl who is working with BAT. That makes it even more memorable. On top of that, the sound guys are our friends too.

Sam and GF

A very big thank you to Manoah Consulting who made my weekend a fantastic one. Oh no obligations to blog but I can't resist this one as it was pure fun.

Don't remember when was the last we stayed out until that late. Not forgetting supper :D. Let's do this again!
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